I'm local. I'm 27. I'm losing my hair but havent commited to the full shave yet. Despite my limited options im a fussy git but they accomodate. The owner looks after me, knows exactly how i want it, and even took over once when his brother wasnt get the back of my head the way i like it. He noticed from half way across the room! Sky sports on TV, sports banter if you want it, mention the Egyptian team and you get them talking, thats for sure..! Otherwise read the paper while they cut Anyway, great service at a great price. Never rush you out like Choppers do in central london. Like them so much im going to wach England play Egypt with the owner in March. Highly recommended, no fuss, and a hot blonde lady cutting your hair if you are lucky.....

Nice Name | Date Tue 23 Feb 2010 at 11:55:06 Reviews The staff are friendly and the prices reasonable. I wouldn't go anywhere else to get my sons hair cut.

Name | Date Thu 08 Oct 2009 at 16:55:27 Reviews The provide great service and are nice barbers the cut very nicely. Name | Date Wed 10 Feb 2010 at 13:05:41 Reviews

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